Stop all the fight and try to listen

Everyone's arguing these days about separation of Church and State, about government high handedness and taxing millionaires. Tea partyers and the Occupy Wall Street crowd glare at each other across a yawning abyss of enmity and distrust. Right-wingers profess an ironclad mandate from God, while lefties pompously claim the intellectual high ground on just about everything. They all squabble over interpretation of the Federalist Papers or the Establishment Clause or the Affordable Care Act or Leviticus 18:22. The mommy wars have flared up again, spiteful as ever.

Op-ed pieces weigh in. In letters to the editor, Christian fundamentalists duke it out with secular humanists over who's responsible for the current mess in government, churches, families, the ozone layer.

"Society's degenerate and immoral now that people aren't reading the Bible anymore!" bellows Team A. "All spiritual impulses are equally authentic and who do you think you are to impose your values on everybody else?" sneers Team Z.

Both sides cling to a cherished spiritual relationship with their pet ism, labeling each other nincompoops or hypocrites for genuflecting to the opposite ism.

Somewhere, noiselessly amidst this clamorous din, the sad, patient voice of Jesus implores us to be silent so that for once, just for once, we might open our ears to hear what he has to say on the matter.

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