Lobster on a roll…actually on wheels to be more specific

Photo courtesy of Deb Dormody
Photo courtesy of Deb Dormody

Two of my favorite things are lobster rolls and food trucks. So I was pretty blown away when I saw a friend on Facebook post a photo of an amazing lobster roll that they got out of a food truck parked in Kennedy Plaza in Providence.

After a little digging, I discovered this lobster roll was from Roxy's Lobster food truck, which comes from Matt Combs, owner of Roxy's and Monahan's Clam Shack in Narragansett. On the food truck's Facebook page they say they offer Roxy's Famous Lobster Roll, Roxy Chips, clam chowder, lobster bisque and other desserts and appetizers.

There's something cool about food trucks. They just pull up and start dishing out great food to passersby. But, to me, there seems to be something even cooler about one that serves up lobster.

I messaged Roxy's to see if they had plans to make the short trip over the border anytime soon, but they said they're currently only operating in Rhode Island.

I've seen that they've opened up the truck in the parking lot of Monahan's and at a spot in Wakefield. So it wouldn't be too long a trip if you wanted to check it out.

They also said they're always open to suggestions or new events to attend.

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