Best. Customer. Service. Ever.

Little Lady is eight months old. And completely, one hundred percent MOBILE. As in--she crawls all over the house, cruises, stands unsupported--a whole lot of things eight month olds are not supposed to do. Which has caught me off guard. So when she made a fast baby move for our Bose dock, I didn't respond quick enough. And Little Man was trying to protect his Imagination Movers music from being interrupted. And they both reached for the phone at the same time. And pulled. Then I heard some noise that I shouldn't have and the male piece of the dock became partially detached.

That led to going online to check Bose customer service hours. They weren't open until Monday. I figured I would call then, as fixing the dock was probably cheaper than replacing it. Then I tweeted this:

After the kids just broke the Bose dock and I as trying very hard not to get angry... LM: "Mommy, you can't yell"

Which led to me getting this tweet within minutes from @BoseService:

Hi we saw your tweet! Sorry to hear what happened with the dock. Please follow @BoseService and reply via direct message. We'll do our best to help.

SAY WHHAAAT? Did Bose just seek me out to fix my self-inflicted problem? Yup, they did. We had a 10-minute direct message conversation that led to two options--either paying for repair of our unit or upgrading to a portable dock for a decreased price.

Honestly, this was the best customer service I have ever received. I'm blogging about it to tell you that Bose is an awesome company. We have always LOVED our dock, but a company with such amazing customer service these days really stands out. Our dock was probably six or seven years old. They didn't have to do anything to help us, really. But now I am blogging about them, which probably goes a long way.

Lesson learned--move the new Bose dock out of the kiddo's (especially Little Lady's) reach. And stick with Bose, because they are gooood.

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