Firefighters rescue man stranded in dory off Eastern Point Beach

Groton – The Groton City Fire Department rescued a man Tuesday night after his dory had engine problems, leaving him stranded near rocks off Eastern Point Beach.

Acting Captain Ray Hart said there were no injuries during the rescue.

Hart said a call for help came in around 8:06 p.m. The Groton City Fire Department originally was supposed to standby as the Coast Guard responded from New London, Hart said.

But it was too dangerous for the 25-foot Coast Guard rescue boat to get near the stranded dory, which had drifted perilously close to a group of rocks when the man's anchor would not hold, Hart said.

He said three firefighters donned water rescue suits and threw the man a rope and a helmet, and advised him to put on his lifejacket. The man then went into the 55-degree water, Hart said, and using the rope, was pulled up onto the rocks and guided to shore. Hart said the man was in the water less than a minute as he swam the 10 to 12 feet to the rocks, and suffered only minor scrapes.

Hart said the Poquonnock Bridge Fire Department provided mutual aid and brought a Stokes basket in the event the man was injured during the rescue. The man walked on his own power to the waiting Groton Ambulance, where he was warmed up and checked for injuries.

Hart said the boat did not crash into the rocks, but remains anchored off the point, where high winds are creating large waves.

Emergency crews cleared the scene by 9:11 p.m., Hart said.


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