Thank you, Eunice Waller

It was wonderful and inspiring to read Lisa McGinley's stories about New London's beloved Eunice Waller, "NL has lost a legend," (April 21) and "Last words from Eunice Waller," (April 22).

She must have had "community" in her heart and soul as she promoted scholarship for students, mentored teachers, taught leadership skills for organizations and government. I became acquainted with Mrs. Waller through the NAACP and always valued her input and friendship. The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Trust Fund will be one of the best all-time reminders of Mrs. Waller and Mr. Waller's connections to our young people.

The Day's editorial, "Eunice Waller: So much, for so many," (April 21), correlated her life with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein and the literary world's Dr. Seuss. What a remarkable combination.

Thank you, Mrs. Waller, for all you were, for what you represented, and your sensible advice. Many lessons can be learned from your life.

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