There are much higher priorities than Route 11

Tell me why in this world should we install temporary tolls on Route 11 to fund its completion when we have gone without it for 20 years. People will only go the back way through Colchester and re-connect after the tolls.

Decisions like this are wrong. In my humble opinion the state should direct funds toward facilities in New London County that cater to the rehabilitation of injured patients or patients who are paraplegics or quadriplegics.

Take for example the pool in Mystic run by Lawrence & Memorial Hospital that has been closed. I am told it probably will not reopen and there are no such places for much needed swim therapy in the area.

My husband (a paraplegic) paralyzed from the chest down and I drive 90 minutes to Hospital for Specialty Care in New Britain. Ninety minutes to travel there for a 30-minute therapy session then 90 back.

This might not seem like much; but for a paraplegic it is difficult to say the least.

Why do we need to collect millions to subsidize a multi-million project and forfeit an opportunity to aid the ill and handicapped?

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