Friendly Fenway?

It's another strange and frustrating start to the season for the Boston Red Sox with many of the same problems from last year still being faced.

After seemingly righting the ship on the road winning 6 of 7 in Minnesota and in Chicago against the White Sox, the Red Sox went 1-5 against Oakland and Baltimore at home and all 5 losses had similar issues.

The starting pitching is atrocious right now. If you've followed along with me this year you know my thoughts on the bullpen. Over this last stretch though I can't really blame them as much because the starters are crushing them by being so ineffective that they can't pitch out of the 4th inning.

Clay Buchholz is the biggest disappointment for me so far with a 9.09 ERA through 6 starts pitching just 32 2/3 innings giving up 33 earned runs and 10 home runs. The Aaron Cook experiment couldn't have been a more epic fail. Jon Lester is getting into so much trouble early in the game he can't stay on the mound. The only guy that's giving you a little bit is Daniel Bard and he may still be pushed back to the bullpen with/if Dice-K returns to the rotation.

While I believe pitching his been the demise of this team through the first 27 games, I have to mention Adrian Gonzalez. Dude could not have slept well last night. After dropping .100 on his average over the last week and making outs in key at-bats, he gets struck out by the Orioles FIRST BASEMAN to cap off an 0 for 8 day yesterday. Struggling.

Peter Gammons tweeted last week that the Red Sox have 78 plus million dollars on the DL right now. I'll just leave that one for you to digest.

So far the 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park has not been great when it comes to the Red Sox actually playing baseball in their home park, something that needs to change for this team to have any success this season.

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