Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

So, it turns out when you decide to have a second child, you are essentially signing them up for a lifetime filled with germs, illness, and disease. No one told me about this.

The Animal (I wasn't kidding about calling her that) has been sick more in her nine months than Little Man has ever been in his entire two and a half years. I have taken more sick days since I returned to work in January than I ever have total since I have been in the working world.

The Animal had a virus this weekend that basically consisted of a high fever and general malaise (a word I wish I had the opportunity to use more often...). I called the pediatrician for the first time in the middle of the night because her fever was so high that I think she was this close to having a febrile seizure.

I asked at the pediatrician's office if it is normal for the second-born to be more sick than the first born and the response was "OH GOD, yes!!!" Which, I mean, it makes sense and all, right? I mean, on top of everything she is exposed to, Little Man will bring home all these germs that he is already immune to. I get it. But I thought my super-milk would protect her just as well as it did with Little Man. I guess I was wrong.

First off, why did no one tell me about this? Secondly, did you find this to be true with your second born too?

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