Think about what you will leave behind

After we pass away, may we want to return and walk the earth and have people we've never met say they are sure they know us. But it's not our appearance, for they've never seen us. Rather it is the enhanced social values - whether small, large or in between - we have left behind through a planted flower, a writing for our children and grandchildren. Whatever it is, may it mirror who we were while on Earth, beaming off us as though we were as one.

For us may that be the best reward for what we have accomplished while on Earth. May our goal in life be to leave our own legacy behind to ensure that the others who follow us may live a better life.

May we never want our name in lights or to even officially be recognized. After all this isn't about us, but rather those whose lives we've touched. May we do this for the sake of quietly helping others as they continue their earthly journey.

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