Out Of The Mouth Of Little Man

One of the great things about toddlers is that you can actually see (and hear) the inner workings of their brain thanks to the fact that they do not possess any sort of inner monologue. The only time there is not some sort of noise coming out of Little Man's mouth is when he is watching a show or eating. Seriously. He talks all. The. Time. And if he is not talking he is singing. It's kind of awesome. I thought perhaps you would like to know what Little Man thinks and talks about too. Here are a few of the things that have been heard around our parts these days...

LM: I want to go to the quarium. I want to see the tang-a-rays.
M: The manta rays?
LM: Yeah.

M: I'm not sure where to go, I can't find it (hiking class).
LM: Maybe with my superpowers I can help you find it!

M: Hey, easy there Chief Rock
LM: I not a tree frog!!

LM: Hey, that guy running! Like YOU, Mommy!

LM: (to The Animal) Hi there, pwretty gurlie! You feelin' better?

LM: I don't like your cereal. It too gross for me!

LM: That water is old. It from yesternight.

M: (The Animal) is puking
LM: Why?
M: Because she's sick, she caught a stomach bug
LM: I want to catch it
M: No, you don't.
LM: I want to catch it with a butterfly net.

LM: I'm just yelling at you! I'M JUST YELLING AT YOU MOMMY!

LM: I no like pooping on the potty.  Because my penis is scared.

And these are just the ones I remember to write down. I know your kids probably say some pretty funny stuff too...Wanna share?

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