Formica should resign for run for Congress

I agree with the views expressed in the May 26 letter, "Formica puts his political priorities first." While not the least surprised at First Selectman Paul Formica's actions, I am outraged that he is using his position to further his career. In no way can he devote his time to the good people of East Lyme while running a campaign that will cost great amounts of his time which should be used solely for his elected job as first selectman. After all, he obviously knew when he ran for re-election that his goal was a "higher" one than selectman, so why the charade and scam in running for the office?

Town taxpayers should be equally outraged at this man's agenda. The truth is as plain as the sun rising in the morning. He should step down as first selectman. That would be the honorable action for him and may convince some that he has some form of integrity left. He won't however. He will do exactly what he feels is best for him - receive a substantial salary from East Lyme people and campaign for Congress. Personally, as when he ran for first selectman, my vote will be "no".

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