It's time for Mr. I to clear his mind

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for Phil Hughes to miss a bat, better officiating everywhere and for the NCAA to issue an apology to Coast Guard pitcher Hayley Feindel:

• Mr. Idle, Mr. I to his close friends, read the following recently on, America's most underrated web site:

"Montville High School received a credible call reporting the possibility of a student in possession of a weapon. The school then went into lockdown and state and town police arrived to search the property."

And so Mr. I, being such an inquisitive soul, scurried to see the musings of all the anonymous social commentators.

Not one comment.

Potential weapon in school … lockdown … aw, gee whiz.

Must be just a blip on the old radar out there in gleeful suburbia.

Mr. I smirked.

Because had the word "New London" replaced "Montville," the web site would have awash in more traffic than the Cross Bronx. Could you imagine? A potential weapon and lockdown at New London High?

The anonymous social commentators would have hyperventilated, all but projectile vomiting their sociological ruminations.

So where'd y'all go?

Witness protection?


Is this thing on?

Alas, Mr. I should know better.

It took Geno Auriemma to set him straight. Geno spoke earlier last week of people who post comments to internet boards:

"Let me tell all of you people something," Geno said. "Saying you know nothing about what you're talking about is giving you way too much credit. That would be my statement."

• It's been about a month now since Michael Kay pronounced Matt Wieters "the best catcher in baseball."

You know. The same guy hitting .232 at the moment.

The same guy who doesn't have as many RBI as Carlos Ruiz, Yadier Molina, Buster Posey, A.J. Pierzynski, J.P. Arencibia, Brian McCann and Mike Napoli.

• If Maureen McGovern discovered there was a morning after and celebrated the occasion by marrying former baseball player Mike Hegan, divorced him and married Ledyard tennis player Eric Sun and then divorced him to finally settle on former U.S. soccer coach Bruce Arena, that would make her a person and a place at the same time.

(Mo Hegan Sun Arena).

(Now you know what goes through Mr. I's head when he can't sleep at night).

• So Mr. I went to sample Sunday sales at a package store.

He saw something called "artisan" vodka.


Not that Mr. I hasn't ranted about this "artisan" stuff before.

But vodka?

Public service announcement: We don't want vodka to be artisanal. We just want it to, you know, enhance the world around us.

• A recent tweet from Notre Dame women's basketball player Natalie Achonwa:

"Its the 4th quarter.... and my boo is KILLIN.... where are the Lebron haters at??"

Mr. I is very disappointed.

You'd think a student from such an esteemed institution would use better grammar.

• Just thinking out loud here … but can we get the ECC baseball tournament out of Dodd Stadium? Nice ballpark.

But what kind of "championship" atmosphere is, oh, 5,800 empty seats?

More flies normally gather around barn droppings than interested parties watched the championship game last week.

How about we try Fitch's new field?

• Theories abound as to why Maya Moore can't make a shot at Mohegan Sun Arena.

Here is Mr. I's $.02:

It's professional basketball.

No more Seton Halls out there.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.


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