This Is Better

I won't lie it's been tough.

A team as talented as this to get off to another slow start has been difficult to watch. Two games over .500 on June 21 is nothing to get excited about, but week by week it seems to be getting better.

There are obviously some major problems with this team -- none greater than the starting pitching. No starter has an ERA under 4.00. We haven't seen consistent performances from Lester, Beckett is on the DL with another injury and Buchholz is showing signs of improving after a horrific start. These guys need to be better for this team to go anywhere.

The offense for the most part has been good and are tops in most categories in the American League. I think they can only get better at the plate when guys like Gonzalez and Pedroia start hitting like we know they can and you add a player back in the line-up like Jacoby Ellsbury.

I put a lot of the offensive success so far on David Ortiz who's been on another level this season. Eighteen home runs. 49 RBI. .313 average. Sick. When you see a guy performing the way he is as a hitter it makes you that much more comfortable at the plate. Big Papi deserves the 2 million plus votes he's gotten in the All-Star voting and then some.

The bullpen also for the most part has been pretty solid too with a nod to Atchinson and Andrew Miller who have been pleasant surprises. Also, Aceves, for never closing before, has done pretty well.

I know you don't want to hear this but I still think it's too early to get too excited or upset. These "experts" already writing off the Red Sox for the postseason is insanity. There's 94 games left. Let's not jump to conclusions one way or the other just yet.

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