Where did you spend time online?

Did you know that you probably spent more than a full day online in May? And you were probably spending a good portion of that time somewhere on Google, checking out a news site or watching hours and hours of YouTube videos.

On average, the nearly 212 million Americans online last month spent about 29 hours browsing the Web, according to Nielsen. An average of just under six hours as spent watching videos.

The brand with the biggest draw was Google, pulling in 173 million unique visitors. That was nearly 20 million more than the next site-Facebook, with 152 million. And video-wise, YouTube had the highest number of both visitors and video streams (a whopping 16.5 billion).

When folks weren't hanging out on YouTube - and more than 136 million did - they were looking for what was happening in the world, Nielsen said. More than half of active Webizens hit up news sites, with Yahoo-ABC News pulling the most visits, 62 million. It was followed by CNN Digital Network, with 39.5 million.

However, CNN, which ranked a distant second as a brand, was significantly "stickier," keeping its visitors engaged for an average of 35 minutes and clicking an average of 42 pages each.

- The Los Angeles Times


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