Missing Nora Ephron

There are certain screenwriters and directors whose next film you just naturally look forward to seeing.

For so many people, Nora Ephron — who died Tuesday at age 71 — was that writer/director.

Her script for "When Harry Met Sally" crackled with smart, funny dialogue. She followed that up with the golden "Sleepless in Seattle," which she also directed. Those two films and "You've Got Mail" helped create a new idea of what a modern romantic comedy could or should be.

This despite the fact that one of Ephron's first big Hollywood splashes was with "Heartburn," based on her fictionalized account of the dissolution of her marriage to Carl Bernstein.

She often took what some might dismiss as a chick-flick idea and turned it into something substantive and witty.

Not that Ephron was perfect. She did direct "Bewitched," after all, and a few other clunkers.

But for every "Bewitched," there was a "Julie & Julia," which was just a joy.

What's your favorite Nora Ephron movie?

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