Vote Your Conscience

Vote Your Conscience

I am writing about something that will affect us all: whether Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Baptists, Anglicans, Muslims etc. That is the Freedom of Religion, not just the freedom to worship behind closed doors, but the Freedom called for in the First amendment which enables us to live out our faith in the community according to how it calls us. Everything hinges on this first freedom.

The Health & Human Svcs Dept. issued a mandate to force how all people practice their faith. This HHS Mandate, disguised as a program to help women, forces all employers to carry insurance to cover abortion drugs, contraception and sterilization for all employees. We must protect our religious liberty. It is hostile to people of ALL faiths.

Obamacare will force faith based hospitals, schools, universities & other organizations to support abortion drugs by paying for the insurance that supplies them. Our First Amendment Freedom states that the government does not have the authority to dictate our faith and how we practice. The government cannot be allowed to interfere with the operations of our beliefs and practices in any church, organization, synagogue or mosque.

Faith filled people please practice your faith. The government said we have to adapt. When there is an injustice…you don’t adapt to it….you oppose it!!

This is only the beginning of the assault on religious freedom. In November, vote your conscience. What are you willing to do to defend your belief system?


North Branford, CT