In Connecticut, victims are the lowest priority

Connecticut's new law allows the early release of dangerous criminals who pretend to be good little boys and girls in prison. My family empathizes with "K" - "New London means early release for state's inmates (June 25)." We are also crime victims, we also testified before our legislature for tougher crime laws, and we met with our former governor's chief legal counsel, the state's victim advocate, state's attorneys and with the chief state's attorney. Here's what we learned:

Crime victims have a snowball's chance in hell at changing any of our laws. Democrat and Republican legislators will act like they fully support you only to backstab you in the end. State's attorneys and the chief state's attorney will not "put out the money" to enforce written law. State's attorneys and judges use their arbitrary "discretionary powers" to decide whether or not to enforce laws. If criminals are brought to trial, written laws continue to be disregarded by the courts as they "plea deal" against all semblance of justice. Our state's victim advocates are a sick joke.

Many people and businesses continue to leave this self-destructive state for better managed states. If you can't leave this state, then realize our government and courts have declared war against taxpayers and defend yourselves.

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