Nuclear waste should go to Nevada site

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid can say no but we can't.

One successful terrorist attack on either of Connecticut's two nuclear waste dumps and southeastern Connecticut will become Fukushima.

One successful terrorist attack at any one of the 104 nuclear waste dumps across the country and our national economy becomes Japan's.

Billions have been spent in Harry Reid's Nevada to build a gigantic hole in Yucca Mountain for the government's promise to provide a national repository for our waste.

We have been paying for that repository in our electric bills for decades.

Promises have been made, promises have been broken.

Can we expect President Obama to fulfill the promises of multiple past administrations? George Bush didn't.

Your life and that of your family will depend on it.

I have an action for our members of Congress: Get Harry Reid to accept the waste from Connecticut's waste dumps at Yucca Mountain, where it has a better chance of being protected.

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