Red Sox Come Up Big In The Bronx

Of course the Red Sox would take two of three against the Yankees this weekend giving us the smallest bit of hope for a late season run.

There's been around four times this year where the Red Sox had a game like last night where you would think this is the moment this team will break out and go on a run. It hasn't happened yet. Following each of those games including two walk-off wins, Boston actually went on a losing streak.

It's been a strange and frustrating season and unfortunately for those who wrote this team off months ago, they're actually not out of it yet. Catching the Yankees for the AL East may be a stretch but with the two-team Wild Card in place and 60 games left there's still the possibility the Red Sox will make the postseason.

I've been a broken record on this blog all season about the starting pitching, specifically Lester and Beckett, as to why this team has underperformed this season. ESPN showed the graphic last night that those two this season are 10-17 for the year with the team going 14-24 in their starts which is almost half of Boston's losses so far. Inexcusable. Lester and Beckett turning things around for the remainder of the season will be a huge factor on if this team is in contention for the playoffs.

Speaking of Beckett, the trade deadline is looming and rumors are rampant that the Red Sox are trying to be sellers with a few players including Josh. I actually think they're pretty handcuffed. They may be able to move a smaller role player for some prospects but if you're looking for the team to make a splash and be "aggressive" as Larry Lucchino put it before tomorrow's deadline I just don't see it with the players and the contracts involved. Beckett is a 10/5 guy too so the Red Sox can try if they want but he has final approval on a move and already has said he wants to stay in Boston.

We'll see if this weekend's success in New York is the turnaround this team's looking for. The have some tough opponents coming up with the Tigers and Rangers as part of 10 game home stand. No better time to have an extended home schedule then after a big win and if the Red Sox are going to make a move this is the time they need to do it.

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