Stevenson-Flom: If Personality Could Win Medals

What do Argentina and Tunisia have in common? Tell the truth: What was the first thought that popped into your mind? Who? And what does it matter?

Well, today I had the privilege of meeting most of the Argentinean men's field hockey team and most of the Tunisian basketball team (who were to play our USA men's basketball "Dream Team" Tuesday night).

Both groups had come in to address very specific muscular issues as well as to just relax. They all were handsome, humble and humorous and some, much taller than the others!

I now proudly have a Argentina pin (badge) on my lanyard, a special token from one of them. The Argentine's had lost to Team GB on Sunday but were upbeat and optimistic about Monday's game.

Team Tunisia, who, like me are enjoying their first Olympic invitation, seem to have a very realistic view on the task in front of them, even asking me if I wanted to join them on the court so perhaps they would have a USA edge. Like I said, handsome, humble AND humorous! I wished both teams luck and told them to come back to see our massage team soon!


Laura Stevenson-Flom is a nationally certified, state-licensed massage therapist with a specialty in sports massage and a private practice in her Colchester home. She will be serving as a volunteer massage therapist at the Summer Olympics, helping assist athletes from around the world. She's been assigned to Athletes' Village, one of seven Olympic Park venues.

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