Move over Tosh, I've got my own video picks

I realize I'm opening Pandora's box here, but I must share my new favorite innovation for lazy (and old) people: Online Video Night. (It's kind of like a friendlier version of Tosh.0, in which we're not forced to behold his snarky little mug.)

Online Video Night works best when the host is equipped with a tablet, Apple TV, a television, an HDMI cord for non-Apple content, and a good Internet connection.

When you're all set up, guests assembled grab their beers, settle in, and take turns one-upping each other in a Funny Stuff I Found Online Instead of Working contest. It doesn't have to be a new video, just something noteworthy for its edge, humor, brilliance, etc., made all the better if your fellow partiers haven't seen it yet. (Hmmmm, maybe I'll create a board game around this: 5 points scored for every video that someone else hasn't seen.)

Before you judge me, try it sometime and see how many HOURS you kill before you quit. The challenge will become wresting the tablet from an overzealous friend who can't wait his turn to show off his online-video-hunting prowess (you know who you are).

The Internet is slowly becoming the new television, and the amount of great content out there — from music, to funny stuff, to Jackass-ery — is stunning. It's not all pirated, Napster-esque scavenging anymore; we've got production values (read: many people living in their parents' basements). Now, lest you assume the game is destined to devolve into a total fest of things inappropriate, be assured that we've done Online Video Night with family and managed a lovely evening of watching great music and all-ages-appropriate stand-up.

So, I've picked 10 online videos culled from my last few Online Video Nights. Some I'm sure you've seen, some maybe not. Some are innocuous, some are...well...for adults with good senses of humor only (marked with an asterisk; and please, try and lighten up for a little while before you demand that I enroll in sensitivity training).

And you should absolutely share your own favorite online finds in the comments. We can entertain each other until Christmas!

Online Video Night Starter Kit

1. I'll start with a classic: "The Landlord"* featuring Will Ferrell and a very irate little girl. This video helped put comedy site Funny or Die on the virtual map. You'll see why:

(Asterisked for language, although we really can't hold wee Pearl accountable.)

2. Does any one not have Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" stuck in their head? If not, I'm putting it back with the next two videos.

First, a sentiment that will resonate with Star Wars fans (and ideally, you should be familiar with the original Gotye video):

3. This version of the actual song by Walk Off the Earth is shockingly clever. That's 10 hands and one guitar, people. Link attached here.

4. Apparently Harvard kids are funny and brainy. Some folks get all the luck. Jealousies aside, check out the sailing team's tongue in cheek take on flipped stereotypical gender roles:

5. Attention Radiohead fans: Once upon a time, a Yalie in the music school presented his doctoral performance. That Yalie was a fan of Radiohead and arranged a rendition of "Paranoid Android" for two pianos that he's since taken on tour. I've seen it performed live at Sprague Memorial Hall, and it's truly thrilling to witness. Here's a performance of the song from a few years ago:

6. We could devote a separate column to great clips from SNL episodes, but then everyone will start arguing about which era is the best (the answer is: the mid to late '90s), so I offer a clip from a fairly recent season, in which we see Jon Hamm, in a nice break from Don Draper, and Michael Buble show off their comedy chops. Ladies, you can thank me later.

I give you Hamm & Buble:

7. This parody of Fun's "We Are Young" made me laugh and want to cry at the same time. Oh biting, biting satire:

8. The funniest part of this video of the Harvard baseball team killing time on a road trip is the dude who manages to sleep through the whole performance of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call me Maybe."

9. I made the mistake of showing my husband this clip* from one of comedian Jay Mohr's standup specials. Now he makes people watch it any chance he gets. Luckily, it's funny every stinkin' time.

And now I know to avoid Scottish beer. (Asterisked for slightly rough language, but no eff-bombs):

10. And finally, there's a slew of videos the Day's Dynamic Duo of video Rick Koster and Peter Huoppi have created that even made us jaded journos laugh out loud. From his mullet experiment to his penchant for tailgating, Koster remains a keen observer of the human condition.

But it was Koster and Huoppi's coverage of the red-carpet opening of the MGM Grand at Foxwoods that I must share today. Did you know the key to getting a celebrity to talk to you is to offer them candy? (Behind the scenes note: I won't ruin the surprise as to who gets a chuckle out of Koster's offer, but Koster tells me this person's publicist went bananas about it off camera. Which makes it funnier.)

Lights, camera action:

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