Justice Dept. wants 'felons, dead' voting

Voter identification laws are a sensible way to fight voter fraud and in one poll 73 percent of Americans agreed with that. Twenty-nine states have such laws and more are trying to pass them. A large amount of Democratic voters back such laws. So why is the Democrat-controlled Justice Department working to stop this? My view is they want felons, illegal and dead people to keep voting. Many of these people are still on the voting list.

There are thousands of cases of voter fraud and voter registration fraud in this country. ACORN, a pro-Democrat group, is involved in many fraud court cases.

Look at history. The Democrats had a history of stopping black Americans from voting in the pre-civil rights South.

There were 22 black Republican congressmen in the U.S. House in the 1880s until the Democrats had them voted out by changing the laws. Read, "American History in Black and White" by David Barton, showing the success black Americans had in the Republican Party.

Same-day registration and voting is a fraud waiting to happen. Cities and towns have been overwhelmed by the numbers in the past. New voters will not be checked properly, just simply check a box claiming they are citizens.

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