Smug progressives won't give Romney his due

I have watched with amusement the progressives' attack on Mitt Romney for his wealth. He must be out of touch, must be mean and uncaring, because he is rich. He must not have earned his money. He must have stolen it from the labor of the poor.

All wealthy Democrats are exempt from these charges, of course. The Kennedy family, with all its trust fund babies, have their financial status overlooked, John Kerry cannot be besmirched for his wife's inherited fortune, nor can Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi be chastised for their personal fortunes.

All these progressives are rich, but they care about the poor and downtrodden. We know this because they tell us every chance they get. And we know the "Right" hates the poor, because the "Left" tell us this every chance they get.

Romney is guilty of the most heinous of crimes in a progressive's eyes - he earned his money. Romney worked hard, risked everything and won in the arena of business and ideas, for this he must be pilloried. Romney did something that used to be a goal of Americans, without government help; he built a better life and made it possible for others to do the same.

He built that.

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