Mr. I has get well wish for Red Sox

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for the WNBA playoffs, high school football and for UConn's two-quarterback system to become UConn's one-quarterback system:

• Mr. Idle, Mr. I to his close friends, has a confession to make.

He misses the Red Sox.

No, really.

A pennant race against Baltimore?

Like checkers against your little brother.

How much satisfaction, really, is there when you beat them?

This is the same Baltimore that barely drew a bigger home crowd last Monday than the Connecticut Sun did the day before.

So get well soon, Sox.

It's no fun without you.

• Memo to all you keepers of the gate in baseball:

You know.

The ones who trumpet baseball socialism.

How come none of you has accused the Dodgers of trying to buy a pennant?

Mr. I is thinking that if the Yankees did the same, you'd be hollering condemnation and breathing into brown paper bags.

• Sayeth former Notre Dame running back and current radio analyst Allen Pinkett:

"I've always felt like, to have a successful team, you gotta have a few bad citizens on the team," Pinkett told a Chicago radio station last week. "I mean, that's how Ohio State used to win all the time. They would have two or three guys that were criminals. That just adds to the chemistry of the team. I think Notre Dame is growing because maybe they have some guys that are doing something worthy of a suspension, which creates edge on the football team. You can't have a football team full of choir boys. You get your butt kicked if you have a team full of choir boys."

Pinkett was suspended from the booth for Saturday's game vs. Navy.

Except that he was spot on with every word.

• If Ivana Trump married Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Tony Sipp, divorced him for Billy Budd and then divorced him to settle on Patriots lineman Matt Light, that would make her Ivana Sipp Budd Light.

• News item: Women's basketball player Lauren Engeln has transferred from UConn to BC.

Bet you feel smarter already, Lauren.

• Penn State: 0-1.

A good start.

• Mr. I was very disappointed to have a few of his conversations interrupted the other night at Mr. G's by yahoo Patriot fans.

Sitting there causing a commotion during a preseason game against the champion Giants.

Giants 6, Pats 3, by the way.

Mr. I doubts the Patriots will ever beat the Giants again.

• Mr. I has his own campaign this season.

It's time to elect the Mohegan Maestro (otherwise known as Mike O'Farrell) as the top sports DJ in the country.

• Finally today, Mr. I wants the name, rank and serial number of the dullard in the state DOT who decided, "I think we need a traffic circle at Salem Four Corners."

What, the stoplights there made everything too safe?

Seriously. Some of these people must have to be watered twice a week.

Now you have drivers tapping their brakes, looking quizzically, some angrily (like Mr. I).

Give Mr. I his stoplights back.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.


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