Don't embarrass state, elect Murphy to Senate

Connecticut Republicans favor nominating mega millionaires who are willing to spend their fortunes to buy public office. They have nominated a candidate for senator who has little or no service to the state or her communities.

Managing a government is not the same as managing a so-called "entertainment venue" involving violence and sexual exploitation. Linda McMahon wants to buy the election. She advertised WWE by tying a woman on a leash, has a yacht named "Sexy Bitch," has been an enabler in the use of steroids and kicked her husband in the crotch as a publicity stunt. If elected, she will be an embarrassment for Connecticut.

Her opponent, Chris Murphy, has a strong record of service and accomplishments that have benefitted taxpayers in Connecticut. He is a family man of modest middle-class means and has a proven record of doing the right thing for our state and our country.

He will provide the leadership and know-how to help turn our economy around. Voters will not be fooled by an individual who seeks public office to feed her ego.

Vote Chris Murphy and be proud of your choice.

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