Jazzing things up

It's not that hard to figure out.

French jazz singer Cyrille Aimee is fluently scat - Ella would be astonished - and has a voice like fog-draped cream.

Guitarist Diego Figueiredo's spidery fingers weave lovely and convoluted musical webs that at once call Jesse Cook and Django Reinhardt to mind.

Put Aimee and Figeuiredo onstage together, and who knows what majesty will ensue? Hell, often times, not even the two of them know! It might be complete improv, it may involved glorious pop arrangements ("Just the Two of Us") or clever recitations from deeper in the jazz songbook ("That Old Devil Moon," "A Night in Tunisia").

But it's always gorgeous, witty and breathtaking.

See them perform tonight as they kick off a fresh season of visionary musical bookings in the Oasis Room in New London's Garde Arts Center.


Cyrille Aimee and Diego Figueiredo, 7:30 tonight, Garde Arts Center, 325 State St., New London; $20; (860) 444-7373, gardearts.org.


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