Time to start talking about a carbon tax

There is a solution to our national deficit problem and this solution will also help to bring greenhouse gas emissions under control. The recent problems with the hot weather and droughts are further evidence that we must do something before it is too late. There is no easy solution to this problem but a carbon tax would be the easiest way to bring this about.

This tax could be phased in over a number of years so that it gives people and industry time to adapt. This tax would give an advantage to fuels that pollute less and would be larger on those that pollute more, taking away their price advantage.

The climatologist and the economist agree that this would be a good solution. I am sure we will not hear about a carbon tax from the Republicans or the Democrats because the word tax is not in their vocabulary, it would take a politician with much courage to propose such a thing.

I hope we don't have to wait too much longer because the droughts and heat waves are going to get much more severe.

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