North Stonington residents want solution to speeding problem

North Stonington - About two dozen residents told the Board of Selectmen Tuesday night that speeding cars have created a problem in the village neighborhood around Wyassup Road, Rocky Hollow Road and Main Street.

Paul Kowack of Main Street said he initially requested that an item regarding traffic regulation be placed on the board's January agenda with the caveat that the issue be taken up again when the bridge was scheduled to reopen. The absence of the bridge, which connects the two sides of Main Street, has aggravated the issue of speeding traffic.

Residents said with the imminent reopening of the Town Hall Bridge, which has been out of commission since the March 2010 flood washed it out, the time is right to consider installing speed "humps" in order to deter drivers tempted to exceed the 25 mph limit.

"They will slow down traffic. The other part is, they are noisy because when they go over them in excessive speed, they will … make a lot of noise," said First Selectman Nick Mullane of the speed humps. "If you're willing to live with that, we'll be glad to consider it."

Mullane said the speeding issue goes along with a recent rash of crime in the area. He said he is planning to send a letter to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy complaining that Troop E, the state police barracks in Montville located on Interstate 395, is not properly staffed to address the needs of the two casinos, major roadways, tourism and area towns.

"If they're lucky, they have 50 troopers to cover the area, which is insufficient," he said.

Resident Amy Foster, who lives at the corner of Main Street and Rocky Hollow Road, said she and her neighbors are not looking to place blame but rather to move forward in whatever way is feasible to mitigate the speeding issue.

"We're not trying to find fault with anybody … we're looking for ways to assist them and assist us in keeping this beautiful environment that we have in this village and keeping everybody safe," she said. "Whether that's extra signage, whether that's speed humps, we're open to it."

Mullane said he met with Lt. Samuel F. Izzarelli, the commanding officer from Troop E, last week and has invited him to speak at the Board of Selectmen meeting next Tuesday to discuss the issue with the board and residents.

The meeting will be held in a location other than the usual New Town Hall meeting room, to be announced on the town's website at least a day before.


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