Everybody's favorite at Hamilton Street Market

A tuna grinder at Hamilton Street Market in New London.
A tuna grinder at Hamilton Street Market in New London.

Of the recommendations I received from readers, a good number of them suggested I try Hamilton Street Market in New London. And if history’s taught us anything it’s always a good idea to do what a large mass of people say to do.

Hamilton’s struck me as quaint and unassuming on my visit earlier today. Patrons shared a few tables that were set up in the dining area, and the workers behind the counter churned out grinders about as fast as they were taking orders.

Hamilton’s is obviously a hit with people stopping in for a quick bite to eat on a lunch break. It also seemed like the “Cheers” of grinder shops—the type of place where everyone knows your name.

I’ve had a full range of grinders on my recent weeklong grinder tour inspired by the “Grinder is King Festival” this Saturday in New London. Today, I rounded it out with a tuna grinder. It was everything you would look for: moist but without overdoing it on the mayonnaise, a liberal serving of tuna and fresh lettuce, tomato and provolone cheese on top.

I’d certainly recommend Hamilton Street Market to any grinder love, but if you’re one of those readers who wrote me you probably already know it’s that good.


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