Irresponsible dog owner causes grief

Recently my daughter Jan was jogging at Harkness Memorial State Park, as she has done since high school. Clearly-posted signs indicate that dogs must be leashed; nevertheless, a woman turned her dog loose. The dog bit Jan, puncturing her knee both front and back. Jan screamed (understandably). The park guards came promptly. The dog owner ran off into a wooded area, as did the dog. A search failed to locate either.

The recent Groton episode of a dog that broke loose and attacked a man and his dog (resulting in his hospitalization and his pet's death) was resolved because the attacker's owner accepted responsibility. The woman at Harkness, having first disregarded the leash requirement, behaved like a hit-and-run driver. Her cowardly action was unnecessary and caused a number of additional difficulties for the victim.

After two visits to the emergency room, Jan is now having to undergo a series of rabies shots because the biting animal could not be identified and checked. I'm sure other athletes can recognize her frustration at not being able to take her daily run that has been part of her life for many years.

My plea is that we all show more consideration for those with whom we come into contact.

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