Better option is public health care for all

The New England Journal of Medicine in its Aug. 16 issue published an article titled "Unfinished Journey - A century of Health Care Reform in the United States" in which the author introduced the moral factor as an issue in the health care reform debate.

Private insurers have had the last 20 years to control costs and make health care affordable to everyone. Because they have neglected their social responsibilities in their pursuit of profits, 30 million Americans have no insurance or poor insurance.

Moreover, they have depersonalized the practice of medicine for doctors and patients. By enforcing strict regulations meant to increase shareholder profits they have forced doctors to march in lock-step formation to their rules and many physicians admit that insurers have robbed medicine's humanitarian roots and turned it into a business.

The bias that private insurers so far have shown towards making health care a commercial priority and not a social one is an unpleasant fact that they refuse to face. It's time to give government its rightful role in health care by providing universal access for everyone.

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