GOP would do well to embrace diversity

Am I the only one who is tired of the divisiveness coming from politicians? I wish politicians would stop using God and religion to advance their own personal agenda as the last time I check, we live in the United States of America under the Constitution and not the Divisive States of America under anyone's religious text.

For conservative politicians to use their religious beliefs to persecute gays and take away women's rights makes me feel at awe at the foresight of our forefathers. This is precisely the reason why our Constitution is and should remain secular and why the separation of church and state is so important - to protect people of all faiths and/or philosophical ideologies.

We don't live in a homogenous world - we live in a country where we should embrace the strength that comes from diversity; diversity in culture, diversity in perspective and diversity in ideas. New London, of all places in Connecticut, should appreciate this sentiment. I think it's time for moderates to fix the Republican Party because it is now broken by the extreme rhetoric and divisive sentiments.

Fiscal conservatism should not come with such a huge price tag that is human dignity for all.

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