To preserve Medicare re-elect our president

Senior citizens should be very alarmed at the prospect of a Romney/Ryan presidency. Despite vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's disingenuous claim that he and Mitt will "Save Medicare," they clearly aim to destroy Medicare.

It's right there in the Ryan budget plan. The Ryan plan would replace traditional Medicare with "vouchers." Guaranteed Medicare would end. Instead, seniors would get a "voucher" towards purchase of private health insurance. There would be no assurance that as health insurance premiums rise; the value of the vouchers would increase. Do we really want to return to the bad old days when many older Americans could not afford health coverage?

This brings us to the Romney/Ryan assertion that traditional Medicare would be preserved for people 55 and older.

That is the worst kind of generational pandering for the senior vote that I have ever heard. Don't believe it! The "voucher system" is just phase one of the eventual phase out of Medicare because Romney/Ryan simply don't believe in it.

President Obama's modest Medicare cost-cutting measures to improve Medicare's efficiency, which does not cut actual medical benefits,is the better approach to save Medicare.

Seniors, please vote your self-interest in November, vote for Obama.

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