Conversation shows many are clueless

This is a story of two recent college graduates having coffee at the local Starbucks. No longer girls, but two young women chattering with much anticipation about their future as they prepare to enter the business world.

Their conversation is light and airy with a brief drift to the presidential election when one of the young ladies declares she will vote for President Obama since he will provide free contraceptives and women health care services. The other woman wisely demurred from pursuing the subject and the conversation continued with exchange of experiences about apartment hunting in New York City.

I wonder whether they know Obama's proposals for reducing 8-plus percent unemployment and the $15 trillion public debt? It would not have been very fair to ask since no one really knows assuming such proposals actually exist.

There is no doubt there are voters who will vote on the basis of believing Obama "cares" more about them. But that is faith which passeth all understanding. The political mirage of something for nothing from leaders who "care" has ruined many a nation. Just look at Greece.

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