Secure dangerous dogs before another tragedy

I was sad to read, "Dog dies after pit bull attack that injured Groton man," (Aug. 29) about the recent fatal dog-on-dog attack that occurred in Groton at the Calvin Burrows field. The wounds that the owner suffered while trying to protect his dog will leave lasting scars.

As disturbing as this event was, I can't help but remember many summer days when that field was filled with children playing baseball or enjoying the games. Little did we know that close by an animal capable of causing such a brutal attack lived. I do not see the attraction of owning this type of pet, but that decision is up to the owner. Clearly, the restraint system that this animal was attached to was not sufficient. Why was this animal not behind a sturdy fence?

I worry about the children using the field and the families attending games, often bringing pets with them. This tragedy could have been far worse if it would have occurred with a field full of children. People that own these dogs clearly understand their potential and must take responsibility and secure these animals appropriately, especially when they live in close proximity to popular gathering areas.
William Kelly

President Groton Little League

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