It's National Dog Week, and I'm open for gifts

What do you mean you didn’t know it was National Dog Week?

Don’t you have it marked down on your calendar?

Well, consider yourself informed, so start pampering your pooch.

I began celebrating the 84th annual NDW today with a visit to the dog spa, where I was properly groomed and coiffed and came out “smelling like a cupcake,” according to my person.

Hard to believe, right?

But it’s true, the observance began in 1928;  and yes, I smell as good as a cupcake.

I won’t get into all the history of NDW here, though it’s pretty interesting. I just wanted to be sure the word got out to all you dog-loving folks out there (I call them the 100 percent, as in the 100 percent worth giving 100 percent of my attention.).

The theme of this year’s observance is Man’s Best Friend, which I interpret as a directive to treat us canines with extra special kindness this week, what with us willing to friend you all, despite your many faults.

And when dogs say they are your “friend” they mean “friend” as:

Liking you In person.

Not virtually.

Never using emoticons to express their affection.

Wagging and snuggling.

And never commenting on how your butt looks in skinny jeans.

So pet us, brush us, walk us, throw us a bone and tell us we smell like a cupcake.

Of course, gifts of bacon are also appreciated, and during NDW, they have special meaning.

Please send to me in care of The Day.


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