Recent McMahon critic was easy to refute

It is easy to dispel the Sept. 13 letter, "Put McMahon back on TV, not in Senate." The writer wonders what does she "Bring to the party?" I say plenty. First and foremost a breath of fresh air which Connecticut desperately needs. She is not a career politician as is her opponent, who collectively caused and perpetuated America's recession. Regarding her wealth at least she is not using taxpayers money for her support ads, as her opponent does with his Washington salary.

The letter writer questioned her super ego. She has, and because of it she succeeded as most successful Americans have. She is a great person that our children should try to replicate. A "jobless plan" whether it was written by Linda or somebody else; who cares! Most politician, as I'm sure her opponent Chris Murphy has, have help writing about their interests. As to his last statement, Connecticut needs a person of her intellect and honesty as compared to the recent questionable ethical problems of her adversary. Mostly we respect her interest in the middle class. A change is need in Connecticut.

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