McMahon doesn't deserve to serve

If in fact Senatorial candidate, Linda McMahon, did "walk in my shoes" she would have hired a bankruptcy lawyer some 20 years ago to do the same investigation that Day reporter JC Reindl did over the past 10 days.

At that time the McMahons were rolling in money as they are today. But, they had no intention of paying the creditors who they stiffed until now, when she wants to appear as the good, honest forthright citizen that she thinks will get her elected.

Putting Linda aside, I want to congratulate The Day and Mr. Reindl for doing a superb journalistic job. Day readers should be very proud of the staff and most important its publisher, Gary Farrugia, who had the foresight to authorize personnel and provide the necessary funding to conduct this most important investigation as a service to its readers.

This newsworthy story as well as countless others showcase the unsavory background of Linda McMahon and should help voters see what kind of person she is - someone who does not belong in the U.S. Senate representing the good people of Connecticut.

Editor's note: The writer is a member of the Democratic State Central Committee from the 20th District.

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