College should contribute more to New London

Great column by David Collins, "Even Connecticut College students couldn't rescue the budget," (Sept. 21), regarding Mr. Finizio's visit with Connecticut College students.

Too bad our mayor didn't also seek to expand the pool of New London voters by inviting the many people who own property and pay taxes in New London but don't live here fulltime to vote on this matter, which directly affects them. In other Connecticut cities and towns, non-resident or part-time resident taxpayers are encouraged to vote when their property taxes are at stake.

As far as who is on the "brink of bankruptcy," look at the New London taxpayers, already pushed beyond their limits, who may not have seen a substantial raise in income for a long, long time.

High property taxes have pushed property values down too far and forced many families and retirees to move. Yes, it is time to look to New London entities such as Connecticut College to help out more.

New London taxpayers have more than paid their share.

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