U.S. policies further isolate Israel

Avraham Berg, former speaker of the Israeli parliament, laments that Israel is falling into theocracy where citizenship depends on belonging to the right synagogue and excluding everyone else.

Judaism in simple terms once mean: "What is hateful to thee do not do unto thy fellow man; this the whole law, all the rest is mere commentary." Jews, once champions of the oppressed, now find their roles reversed.

Israel's rapidly increasing Jewish population contrasts with an Arab population living behind barbed wire on the West Bank while new Jewish immigrants settle on more Arab lands. The prolonged occupation and opposition by Israel to Palestinian efforts to become a state is having moral consequences within Israeli society.

Israel today hasn't a single supporter in the middle East. Americans have contributed to Israel's isolation by abandoning the peace process and exploiting biblical sentiments for political and military gains.

Christians and Jews alike need to ask themselves: "If God walked across the Holy Land today, what would he see? Who would he help?"

Ernie Cohen

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