Response pathetic to ambassador's killing

I get so frustrated about the entire nonchalant attitude towards continuing acts of war against America in the name of Islamic totalitarianism. The response to this latest act of war, the killing of our Libyan ambassador, has been worse than pathetic.

Here's the latest from the Daily Beast: "There was very good information on this in the first 24 hours. These guys have a return address."

So, why didn't we get "these guys?" Because our president, our secretary of state and our head of the armed forces were more concerned about getting an unrelated You Tube video removed.

Why isn't the mainstream media doing its job in covering events and opining some outrage.

Here's Howard Fineman in the Huffington Post admitting to the media's Alfred E. Neman ("What, me worry") approach: "Like his boxing hero Ali, Obama is floating like a butterfly-essentially untouched-thus far in his presidential prizefight with Mitt Romney… And that is not good for anybody: for the country, for the voters, for the political parties or even for Obama and his administration."

Personally, I find the admitted failures of the mainstream media and of our present administration completely unacceptable.

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