Historically Bad Season Comes To A Close

After the biggest collapse by a team in September in major league history, who would have thought the Red Sox would follow it up with one of the worst full seasons in the history of its franchise?


At 90 losses and 3 games left, Boston can finish at worst with a 69-93 record. The last time the Red Sox lost 90 or more games was in 1966.


On a year where they celebrated 100 years of Fenway Park, the Red Sox have had one of the worst home records in franchise history at 34-47.


Looking for a small turnaround after the big trade with the Dodgers? Did not happen. The Red Sox finished the month of September with a 7-19 record and have lost 9 of their last 10 games.


That's a small sample of stats proving what our eyes have seen all season: a disaster.


The big problem too is the blame is so far spread there's not just one thing to pinpoint as to why the Red Sox are where they are. The ownership, the manager and the players are all at fault.


With the season ending Wednesday night, the first big decision, unless it's already made, is what to do with Bobby Valentine. In my opinion, you can't bring him back. Ironically, I put the blame on this season on the players and front office before Bobby V, but I think you have to start fresh after the trade was made with the Dodgers. Right or wrong, the players just did not take to Bobby from the start. Couple that with the on the field troubles and the weekly off the field drama all season, some fueled by Valentine himself.


I don't have the answer as who they should bring in just yet. Unlike last season though, I think the Red Sox front office needs to make a decision quickly one way or the other and get a manager in place for next year.


I'm interested for Red Sox fans to weigh in of if they should bring Bobby V back? Why or why not?


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