Police arrest Norwich man for allegedly selling crack cocaine

Norwich — Police arrested today a local man who they say was allegedly selling crack cocaine in the city.

Kenneth R. Johnson, 23, of 41 Oakwood Knoll, was charged with three counts of sale of crack cocaine, possession of crack cocaine, possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell and possession of marijuana.

Police said at 9 a.m. they arrested Johnson on a warrant. At the time of his arrest, police recovered an amount of crack cocaine packaged for street level sales and a small amount of marijuana.

Johnson is being held on an $85,000 bond, pending his arraignment Tuesday in Norwich Superior Court.

Anyone with information regarding any criminal activity in the city is encouraged to call the police at (860) 886-5561, the anonymous tip line at (860) 886-5561, Ext. 500 or e-mail crimetips@cityofnorwich.org.


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