Stop the $$$ bleeding at Norwich Hospital

Does it make any sense for Preston to take out a loan to match a state grant, totalling $8 million?

First Selectman Bob Congdon and Norman Gauthier are asking residents, during a recession, to take on this unnecessary debt.

Where is the guarantee of a buyer?

Preston is under no obligation to clean the site.

Mr. Congdon took on Shipman-Goodwin alone, and in my opinion, that $1 million still owed to Shipman-Goodwin is Mr. Congdon's debt.

Does owing Shipman-Goodwin about $5,700 an acre make them co-owners of the property? Is Mr. Congdon using the arson at the property to force the hand of voters to get his demolition done?

Isn't there a conflict of interest with Mr. Congdon as the PRA finance officer?

Put a fence up, lock the gate, forget about the property for a year. Now you can concentrate on schools (working buses) road repair and get those tree limbs off the wires.

This is what really needs to be done.

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