Don't get burned when buying firewood

When it comes to buying cord wood, buyer beware. Last year I ordered two cords of wood from a local, reputable tree business. I was promised seasoned firewood, cut to 18-inch length and split to fit my wood stove. The wood that was delivered by the business owner's son was of varying lengths, some too long for my stove, some were large wedges and chunks, some rotted and many not fully split.

The man delivering the wood became threatening when I asked him to take the wood back, that it was not what I ordered. The owner was called and I ended up keeping the wood for a reduced price. I had to hire someone to re-cut and split some of the wood, and later realized that much of the wood must have been green because I had such difficulty getting it to burn. Needless to say, I will never order from them again. Cord wood is selling at a premium these days. Buyer beware. Be sure you get what you are paying for.

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