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Punish the owner deed, not the canine breed

The letter, "These dangerous dogs require supervision," (Sept. 13), was correct by writing that he expected more letters from readers who are responsible bully breed dog owners. I am a proud "parent" of Sadie, an American Staffordshire Terrier. At three months old, Sadie was found wandering the streets with a broken leg, covered in bites and scars. It was assumed she was used as bait for dog fighting. Fourteen years later, Sadie has been my constant companion through everything, including the birth of my sons and my husband's death.

Sadie is a perfect example of how living creatures thrive when given positive-reinforcement training and tons of love. I have worked with the pit bulls that were used for Michael Vick's dog fighting. Considering they endured brutal and obscene torture, they only wanted to be loved to and please their people.

Nowadays, Sadie has some trouble getting around and she likes to sleep all day. But she still greets me at the door with a gorgeous, toothy smile and kisses. I love her dearly. I hope more readers come forward with support and a willingness to educate. Please punish the deed, not the breed.

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