The 10/03/12 Presidential Election

Notes from the Old Noank Jail

The Presidential Debate

People asked me what I thought of the Presidential debate. I felt Mr. Obama could have been more aggressive and very easily thrown more mud but he chose not to do this. He remained calm and professional, was accurate on his facts and tried to abide by the rules that the moderator failed to properly enforce.

I confess that I'm not a Mr. Romney fan. This is partly because of his position flip-flops...last night was a classic example...and failure to properly explain what he actually plans to do and how he will do it. This leads me to not trust the man...because I have worked for such people before. I still feel that he primarily represents the wealthy, as clearly evidenced by his previous...and now very public... "47 percent" remarks.

And although I am still a registered Republican, and hope for an improvement to a more centrist philosophy within the party, I am still ashamed of the way we have catered to the "Tea Party Extremists" and their Fox News propaganda, who have made every effort to thwart all of Mr. Obama's matter what they are. And I think most of us are fed up with Congress anyway.

And, for Mr. Romney, I am not one who believes that being obnoxiously aggressive, making false statements and interrupting another person speaking makes you the "winner" in a debate. Being noisy does not make you just means you are being noisy...and that's ALL it should mean.

So, last night, Mr. Romney threw a gauntlet on the table and, in the process, he made some "position adjustments" that are now on record. He will have to live with those if he wins the election, unless of course he decides to change his positions...once again...after he is elected. We need to think about that possibility. One thing is for sure...he won't cancel the tax credit for the very matter what he says right now.

There are 2 more presidential debates and one VP debate. The public debate "game" is by no means over, as we are only in the first quarter. From a personal standpoint, I prefer that Mr. Obama be re-elected and finish what he started. This will give the Republicans a message that the extremists and the very wealthy do NOT call the shots for the rest of the American people. Hopefully, this will also allow the Republicans more time to return to the more centrist position and be more representative of the total party.

Finally, here is a list, so far, of Romney's "mis-statements"......

Romney lied:

When he claimed that "pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan." They're not.

When he said that President Obama had "cut Medicare by $716 billion to pay for Obamacare." Obama didn't.

When he denied proposing a $5 trillion tax cut. He did.

When he said President Obama had "added almost as much to the federal debt as all the prior presidents combined." Not even close.

When he resurrected "death panels." That was called "one of the biggest whoppers of the night."

When he stated that half the green energy companies given stimulus funds had failed. Only if three out of nearly three dozen is half.