41st District can't go wrong picking Wright

As long as I have known State Rep. Elissa Wright she has been using her talents, experience and energy to tackle the difficult issues of our time, not afraid of taking on complex problems and doing what's right.

She has proven to be a tireless worker on behalf of her constituents, taking the time to listen to their concerns with compassion and understanding.

Elissa has fought to improve our schools, protect our environment, preserve state aid for our community, and ensure that special needs children receive the quality services they need.

As a mother of a special needs son, I can attest to Elissa's unwavering support at the Capitol for funding vital programs for special needs children. She simply has been responsive and helpful in addressing the needs of handicapped children and adults.

While we continue to confront a stubborn economy, I know that Elissa will continue to stand up for struggling families, especially those families caring for special needs children.

Let's continue to invest in our future and the future of our children by voting to re-elect Rep. Wright to the General Assembly from the 41st Assembly District in November.

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