Disappointed with the Montville school board

I am writing about the careless way the Montville Board of Education is conducting its business. The $3 million slush fund that the Board of Education continues to hide from taxpayers concerns me. How can this Board of Education, in good conscience, encumber such an incredibly large sum of money at the end of a school year? This money could have been returned to the town to help offset the large tax increase we have just been slapped with.

I attended the public hearing on this year's budget. I distinctly remember that Town Council member Dana McFee insisted that the Town Council re-instate $400,000 to the school's budget. He even threatened a petition if this did not happen. I applaud the council for remaining firm in its decision not to succumb to this pressure. And now I read that the superintendent and her staff have been given a 2 percent increase in salary, while most working citizens are lucky just to remain employed. How is this fair?

It is not too early for us to start thinking about the 2013 local election. At the end of this fiscal year, I strongly urge the Board of Education to consider the needs of our community as a whole.

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