Don't let McMahon buy Senate seat

Is it possible to buy a Senate seat in Connecticut? We're about to find out. Linda McMahon, who has absolutely no qualifications for the job, and who is using her millions and millions of dollars to spread false and misleading information about her opponent is trying to do just that. There's really not much positive she can say about herself, so she has resorted to character assassination through bought TV time and direct mail pieces in a desperate attempt to buy the Senate seat.

By way of contrast, her opponent Chris Murphy is supremely qualified for the job. He graduated with honors from one of the nation's very best small colleges with a degree in political science. He served with distinction in both the state House and Senate and then in the U.S. House. He's truly interested in and cares about governmental matters, while Linda McMahon seems to care only about her own personal ambition.

Let's not sell our Senate seat to the highest bidder. Vote Chris Murphy for US Senate.

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